Six-session online programme

April-September 2024 (fully booked), express your interest below for future cohorts

Collaborate CIC, Co-Production Collective and Ideas Alliance have combined our expertise to design and deliver this programme that’s aimed at supporting commissioners who want to do things differently.

This six-session online programme blends input, peer learning and practical support to develop your commissioning practice, and help you influence for and embed this within your organisation. Delivered by a team with a wealth of commissioning, collaboration and co-production experience we know how important it is to blend ideas and inspiration with practical support to translate the theory into day-to-day practice.

Key features of the programme include:

  • Underpinned by a focus on: co-production, collaboration, understanding power dynamics, relational approaches, learning, and systems leadership. We bring deep expertise in providing hand-on support to help partners develop these approaches, as well as shaping new thinking and practise nationally e.g. on Alliancing and Human Learning Systems.
  • Begins with a foundational session exploring the above features, before moving through the commissioning cycle (insight gathering, co-design, procurement, delivery and learning), and finishing with a session on the Emerging Role of Commissioner to consolidate our learning and shape what we do next. 
  • There will be a focus on peer learning throughout – there will be so much collective wisdom in the room, and you will have the opportunity to share and support other commissioners from a range of backgrounds.
  • We will be introducing you to the power of involving people with lived experience in the process of commissioning, service design and delivery; this programme will immerse you in the practical and collaborative approaches to working with them as equal partners and colleagues.
  • You will have access to our alumni network which will enable you to stay connected beyond the lifetime of the programme.

Anybody who is

  • Trying to develop more co-produced, collaborative and adaptive commissioning approaches.
  • Curious to learn more about Human Learning Systems and alliance contracting.
  • Keen to gain support to understand how to apply the theory in practice.
  • Looking to develop a network of peers from across the country who are developing innovative new approaches to commissioning.

If you’re fed up with approaches that don’t reflect the complex realities of the issues we’re trying to address, that encourage siloed working and competition over collaboration, that prioritise process over people – come and join us to explore what different can look like and gain support on putting this into practice in your own work.

The programme is designed for commissioners from a range of backgrounds including health, local authorities and police and crime commissioners, who want to stretch and develop their practice.

Express your interest

Cross-place commissioning programme: to find out more and express your interest in future programmes that bring together commissioners from places and organisations across the UK, please email [email protected].

To express your interest in a tailored programme for your organisation or place or broader commissioning support, please email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch to arrange a call to find out more about your requirements and discuss how we can help.