Following the launch of our Guide to Collaboration, we invite you to join us for a series of lunchtime conversations exploring the six foundations of effective collaboration.

In April, we published our Guide to Collaboration – a short summary of what we’ve learned about how to create sustained, effective collaborations for social change. Core to the Guide are the ‘six foundations for effective collaboration’, which we will explore in more detail in this series of follow-up conversations.

This conversation will focus on collaborative behaviours.

Collaborative behaviours are the ways of working together that make change possible. They include:

  • Building connections across boundaries and seeking out others’ points of view
  • Sharing power and promoting equality of voice
  • Practising mutual accountability
  • Nurturing leadership in everyone
  • Communicating openly and actively
  • Encouraging curiosity and experimentation
  • Influencing and mobilising others towards your shared purpose

We will be joined by Shammi Jalota and colleagues from Essex County Council (LGE) who will talk about taking a training and development approach to building collaborative behaviours across Essex via the Leading Greater Essex Programme.

Following this we will hear from Julian Penton from Hartlepower and Amber Swaby from Black Thrive who will speak about how they model and encourage collaborative behaviours through playing system stewardship roles, with a particular focus on shifting power.

This is an open lunchtime event for all those interested in working better together across systems. We’ll be inviting ideas and insight from all so please do join us and share your experiences.

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