Following the launch of our Guide to Collaboration, we invite you to join us for Part 5 and the final of our series of lunchtime conversations exploring the six foundations of effective Collaboration.

In the next and last event of our Foundations of Collaboration series, we will focus on how collaborations are supported and sustained by enabling structures. Collaborative (sometimes called ‘system’) infrastructure makes it easier to work across boundaries and helps align the organisational incentives of those collaborating. 

We will be joined by Pye Nyunt, CEO of Impera Analytics who will share about the impact of data that can be shared, pooled, or used to support collaborative action by partnerships and what he has learned from his work.

Following this we will hear from Sarah Billiald who will share her experience of developing collaborative staff and organisational development across a system to enable new ways of working and collaborative governance through the East Surrey health and care partnership.

This is an open lunchtime event for all those interested in working better together across systems. We’ll be inviting ideas and insight from all so please do join us and share your experiences.

Please click the link to register and find out more

You can download a copy of the Guide to Collaboration here.

You can catch up on the conversation so far by reading our event write ups or watching the recordings of each event here:

  1. Building healthy relationships
  2. Building collaborative behaviours
  3. Shared purpose & collaborative mindset
  4. Shared learning

We hope you can join us.