Creating learning organisations and systems

As an essential foundation for working in complexity, we support partners to develop a culture of learning, acting as a learning partner to teams, organisations, partnerships and collaborations. Our pioneering collaborative work on Human Learning Systems has highlighted the need to shift away from traditional performance management and accountability measures that seek to control, and instead develop organisational and system-wide approaches to learning that enable people to adapt services and support in real time. We help organisations and partnerships understand the importance of learning when tackling complex challenges; facilitate peer learning; develop learning cultures, capabilities and practices; and co-design new learning tools and frameworks.


learning organisations and systems

Sep 14th, 2023

Learning resource: changing local systems to improve Early Learning Outcomes

Collaborate and NPC have published a new report sharing key insights from Save the Children’s Early Learning Communities programme. It is designed to be a…

May 26th, 2021

Evaluating systems change (during the pandemic): Lessons for Save the Children’s Early Learning Communities Programme

This is the second in a series of joint blogs by Collaborate and NPC. It has been posted on both organisation’s websites. In a previous blog, we set…

May 18th, 2021

Evaluating systems change: developing a Maturity Model for Save the Children’s Early Learning Communities

Since Autumn 2019, Collaborate and NPC have been working as learning and evaluation partners to Save the Children’s Early Learning Communities. Our partnership combines Collaborate’s…

Jul 9th, 2020

Building shared purpose: Rethinking learning and accountability

Following on from our recent blog post on the principles that can underpin a new approach to learning and accountability, here we explore the imperative and opportunity…

Jul 6th, 2020

Seven principles for a new approach to learning and accountability

In 2019, GO Lab and Collaborate CIC (with Northumbria University) each published reports which explored the move towards systemic and collaborative working locally: Collaborate and Newcastle Business…

Apr 16th, 2020

COVID-19: Why and how organisations can learn now to shape the future

COVID-19: Why and how organisations can learn now to shape the future COVID-19 has created a burning platform for change that is requiring local stakeholders…

Aug 20th, 2019

Building a Collaborative Society: Cooperative by design

Collaborate has a resolution for 2019: to be bold about the future we want to create. Specifically, what a #CollaborativeSociety could look like, how you build it, and…

Jul 11th, 2019

Embracing complexity to do what’s best for people

Toby Lowe and Dawn Plimmer discuss funding, commissioning and managing services in a world where relationships rather than KPIs or simplistic numerical targets are what…

Oct 8th, 2015

Collaboration Readiness

Why it matters, how to build it, and where to start There is a growing credibility gap across government and public services. Big transformational agendas…