Amy joined Collaborate in February 2022 as a Head of Practice. She brings experience in commissioning, partnership development and place-based approaches in relation to community safety, policing, criminal justice and safeguarding. Prior to joining Collaborate, Amy worked with leaders across England as part of the Tackling Child Exploitation Support Programme to improve strategic responses to child exploitation and extra-familial harm. 

Amy believes relationships are at the heart of the work we do, and serve as a powerful driver for social change. She is interested in understanding power, and how that influences our approach to complex challenges. She is motivated to open up opportunities that centre a range of perspectives, working towards collaborative approaches that hold the needs of local communities at their heart.

In their own words:

I’ve been struck by the breadth and depth of work we are taking forward as a team at Collaborate, the links between our projects and the learning which sits in the spaces created by them. I’d like to explore opportunities for us to ask questions of each other and those we’re working with to make connections which span geographic and sector boundaries. 

The thing I love most about working at Collaborate is the diversity of ideas, thinking and experience which sits across the team. Coming from different professional and personal backgrounds means we all bring a unique perspective, share ideas and constructively challenge one another. We have a culture of learning woven throughout all that we do. That is something which feels really exciting and motivating to be a part of.