Emma joined Collaborate in May 2022 as a maternity cover for the Communications and Administration Manager role, before progressing to become our Projects and Contracts Manager. She works to support Collaborate’s contracting and data processes, as well as supporting on projects. Emma graduated with an MSc at from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she studied social policy. Before that she completed an interdisciplinary BSc at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on refugee politics and policy. Aside from working at Collaborate, she also volunteers with Crisis (London).

In their own words:

Having spent a lot of my time at university critiquing the exclusionary ways in which most policy is designed, I graduated with the hopes of finding a place that tackled social issues by listening to the voices of those most affected by them. I have definitely found this at Collaborate! Since starting I’ve enjoyed being part of the growing community of people actively working against siloed public services, driving collaborative solutions which recognise the complex reality of human experience. I love the constant willingness from my team to listen, reflect, and learn. It is ultimately this which assures me that Collaborate will continue to prioritise the human in its attempt to tackle social challenges.

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