Katie joined Collaborate in 2018 as the Communications & Administration Manager.

Her previous work experience focused on design, brand management, and events coordination mainly within the fashion industry. This combined with her curious nature and desire to help bring about social change all contribute to the skills and drive needed to excel in her current role.

Katie brings a fresh new vision to her role as well as dedication, humour and compassion. She not only aims to support and strengthen Collaborate’s operations, but also focuses on team well-being and making sure the workplace is an enjoyable, inclusive and inspiring place to be part of.

In their own words:

Coming from a creative but mainly commercial background, I feel both fortunate, motivated and inspired by the opportunity of being part of an organisation which main focus is to bring about social change and inspire others.

I am most proud to have been given the chance and responsibility to help build our social media presence incorporating new comms mediums such as podcasts and online events which all help contribute to Collaborate’s impact through the sharing of ideas and help keep the momentum going. I really enjoy the variety of Collaborate’s work and the commitment as a team to continually be learning, sharing ideas and perspectives and growing as an organisation. I also love that I can bring a different set of ideas and creativity from my previous experience.