Molly joined Collaborate in July 2023 and will be working as a Projects and Relationships Coordinator alongside attending a masters in Ecology, Culture and Society at Goldsmiths University.

Molly graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BA in History where she specialised in Latin American cultural, political, social and environmental histories and centred young people’s voices within political revolutions in Colombia to decentre structures and systems of power and oppression. 

Molly also has a background in fine art practice having attended the Leeds Art University Foundation and was a member of Tate Collective Producers: a diverse group of young people at Tate Liverpool who co-created events at the gallery centred around contemporary art, identity, politics, culture and the environment. Molly seeks to bring an interdisciplinary understanding of collaboration from social theory, experimental ethnography, critical ecology, critical art theory, decolonial and indigenous studies, environmental and animal studies and practical experience in co-creating. 

In their own words:

I want to champion equity and hope. I want to see an ecology of dreams, aspirations and hopes emerge from our precarious, unstable and experimental operating space. In my work, I am seeking to demonstrate and explore how the ecological crisis and social inequalities are imbricated to various degrees and discover how people working within both fields can come together to find new ways of sharing and cooperating. And to do this, learning to collaborate is vital.

I hope to see new values and forms of sociality that centre equity, systems of power, and responsibility at the heart of their praxis. Through an attendance to the radicals, artists, and experimentators I hope to see the creation of new patterns, links and tangles that represent an equitable, hospitable and responsible more-than-human society.