Sally joined Collaborate in 2023 as a Project and Relationship Coordinator and holds a BSc (Hons) in Anthropology from UCL. She specialised in diaspora studies, narrative ethnography and decolonial approaches to research, having explored the hybridity of Syrian food culture amongst Syrian women’s roots and routes in diaspora. Her work emphasises reflexive research methodologies as well as reciprocal and inclusive interview practices.

Sally has experience working with migrant and refugee organisations alongside freelance work in culinary art, supplemented by a research-based practice surrounding the politicisation of food and its contextualisation within memory and landscape.

Sally brings an interdisciplinary approach to Collaborate, informed by critical thinking, intersectional feminist frameworks, grassroots organising and health justice that interrogates racial capitalism and systemic oppression.

In their own words:

Collaborate’s commitment to improving public services and co-producing with communities through a nuanced, systems change approach is what immediately appealed to me. Amidst the current crises we are facing, a shift towards more collectivist collaborative practices, allows us to imagine and work towards new systems of care. I strive to recall the forgotten and invisible aspects of lived experience and continuously reflect upon my own positionality within my work. I intend to approach my work holding the belief that centring those occupying interlocking systems of oppression, is the path to liberation for all.