Sophia joined Collaborate in 2022. She leads on project management, delivery and research across our systems change projects, with a trauma-informed approach that centres accessibility and safer spaces.

Her recent roles have involved developing collaborative and purpose-driven programmes in the charity and arts sectors, including developing a movement curriculum with adults with learning disabilities, and co-creating Tate’s Mental Health Awareness Week campaign with local networks and communities.

Sophia is also an art producer, video editor and practises somatics. Her work emphasises digital accessibility, communication and exploration of how the individual and collective body can be sites for activism and resilience. Sophia has a MA (Hons) in Sociology & Theatre Studies with a focus on anti-racism and ecology, and is a fellow of the Charityworks Leadership and Creative Access programmes.

In their own words:

The human and ecological approach to Collaborate’s work interests me as it creates possibilities of change to emerge beyond our existing systems and structures. To me, these approaches play a significant part in imagining an alternative future – in developing new routes of bringing connection to ourselves, community, and ecosystems. 

A specific curiosity I’m currently holding is around language, and I’m co-leading an organisational enquiry to surface how our definitions shape our interventions within the intersections between the personal, collective and systemic.

The people I work with appreciate my intentional, person-centred approach. I feel that meaningful and sustainable change requires a sense of safety, so it is important that every part of my practice seeks to deeply listen and contemplate questions of care, power and agency.

Sophia Luk Projects