Throughout 2019, building on work with our partners and conversations with a wide range of people, we asked: what if we could change the lens through which we see our world — from individualism, competition, hierarchy and heroic leadership, to collaboration, mutuality, networks and shared leadership? What if this became the dominant way of working? What difference would this make?

In this Manifesto we set out our thoughts on why a Collaborative Society is needed today and what it might mean for our communities, our public services, our leaders and our economy. We explore how it might be realised, and where we can see the ‘green shoots’ already emerging.

We believe that collaboration is the means by which we can achieve things together we can’t achieve alone and, in time, reshape those ends to reflect our shared values and interdependence, paving the way to a fairer, kinder and more sustainable society.

We hope that it will help provoke conversation and would love to hear what you think. We will continue to create spaces for people to come together to explore the ideas further, including an event this spring.

Many thanks for reading!