Who we are

Collaborate is an innovative social consultancy building the thinking, culture and practice of collaboration to help us meet the challenges of the twenty-first century together.

We are living in a time of transition

The complex and global nature of the issues we face are becoming rapidly clearer. Social inequality is growing. The climate crisis is accelerating. Public services are struggling to help people who need their support. So, we are asking: what must we transition to, and how do we get there?

Our vision

Our vision is of a collaborative society: equitable, caring and sustainable. People and organisations can create a better future together than they can alone.

To achieve this vision, we help grow the movement for change and blend cutting edge thinking with the ability to support local partners and leaders to reshape organisations, public services and places with collaboration for the public good at their heart.

Our origin

Founded in 2012 as a not-for-profit social enterprise by public services champion Lord Victor Adebowale, we work across boundaries alongside everyone from local authority chief executives and social activists, to NHS trusts and civil society leaders. We start from the belief that change is always possible and bring a positive spirit to everything we do.

We believe the places and projects we work on represent the green shoots of the future we want to create.

The future is collaborative. Let’s build it together.

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