Ahnaaf Ameer

Finance Administrator

Tiffany Aikens – (currently on maternity leave)

Team Development Coordinator

Leigh Brown

Project Designer & Engagement Manager

Ellen Care

Head of Practice

Naomi Diamond

Head of Practice

Elle Dodd

Director of Practice

Lewis Haines

Head of Practice

Sally Hakmi

Project & Relationship Coordinator

Emma Hindle

Projects & Contracts Manager

Amy Hurst

Head of Practice

Amanda Kilroy

Head of Practice

Jenni Lloyd

Head of Practice

Jeff Masters

Director of Practice

Tara McCaul

Business Development & Operations Manager

Katie Pincham

Communications & Administration Manager

Malavika Murali

Research & Evaluation Consultant

Dawn Plimmer

Director of Practice

Anna Randle

Chief Executive

Hannah Tomlinson

Director of Finance & Operations & Board Member

Our Board

The Collaborate Board is comprised of leaders with a vision for improving collaboration.

Dr. Axel Heitmueller

Board Member

Charlie Adan

Associate & Board Member

Jim Minton

Board Member

Lord Victor Adebowale CBE

Chair & Founder

Mark Cook

Secretary & Board Member

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