Ellen joined Collaborate as Head of Practice in June 2019, bringing six years of experience working in local authorities on transformation, organisational development and service design. 

Ellen has led work on organisational development and place-based change in the London Borough of Barnet, and prototyping and public service reform in Barking & Dagenham. She has explored ways to empower communities alongside Thurrock Council and with housing association Soha, as well as supported learning and evaluating systems change with Save the Children UK. 

Ellen co-authored two reports as part of the New Operating Models Handbook. ‘From The Margins to the Mainstream’ explores how to create the conditions for new operating models in local government to thrive; and ‘Reframing Risk’ considers how to adopt new mindsets around risk that enable innovation.

In their own words:

My experience as a public servant showed me the difference that dedicated individuals can make. However, I wondered what they could achieve if their efforts were amplified and enabled by the systems and connections around them. This drew me to Collaborate’s mission to tackle social issues through collaboration and systems change.

Whether in my role working with communities, local authorities and funders; as a trustee/director at my local community-run swimming pool; or playing with my folk-rock band; I am passionate about unlocking the unique magic of people and places to deliver positive experiences and outcomes that build community and help us to thrive. I love bringing creativity and energy to my work, and learning from the inspiring people and colleagues I am privileged to work with.

Ellen Care (currently on maternity leave) Projects