As Chief Executive, Anna leads a growing team working with places and leaders across the country.

Anna is an expert in collaborative public services and organisational change. She is a lead facilitator on Ignite, a SOLACE/Collaborate system leadership programme for local authority Chief Executives, and on the NHSE ICS Population Health and Place Development programme (2021-22). Anna convenes coalitions of diverse local partners and actors to develop new place-based strategies and collaborative approaches to public services, organisations and leadership.

Prior to joining Collaborate, Anna was Director of Policy for the London Borough of Lambeth, where she helped lead strategy and innovation with a focus on building new models of collaborative public services. She was also a Special Advisor in two government departments, and worked on the Lyons Inquiry into Local Government for HM Treasury and for the New Local Government Network (now New Local). 

In their own words:

I believe in public services as a force for good and I am motivated by working with people to create positive change that will directly help improve people’s lives. I bring curiosity, determination and an ability to see the bigger picture, including the human nature of organisations and services.

My mantra at Collaborate is to be positive, constructive and helpful. I love working with my colleagues in this spirit to build an organisation that helps create change alongside our partners. The team is on a journey of discovery about how to collaborate effectively and why collaboration can help public services, building an ever stronger set of insights and resources about how to do it well. I am constantly amazed at how a good team can create something greater than the sum of its parts, which is what good collaboration is about.

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