If we are to address some of our most pressing and complex challenges, then we must collaborate. If we are to collaborate then we must design models that are fit for purpose.

Forms and features of Collaboration: A synthesis for the Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health’ by Collaborate and Dartington Service Design Lab explores a number of forms of collaboration, describing the features of each and offering examples of what they look like in practice. ‘Collaboration’ has become a popular and catchall term and this has, at times, resulted in the dilution of the nuance and power of the concept. However, once you start to examine successful collaborations in more detail you uncover the ingredients which when combined, enable remarkable activity to occur.

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This report was written for the Health Foundation, to support their role in coordinating the Collaboration for Wellbeing and Health, but the insights and examples have relevance for a wider audience. We hope this report stimulates a discussion about how forms of collaboration can support different types of activities and enable partners to achieve far more together than alone.