Ignite programme signals a step change in support for collaborative leadership in local government.

Over the last year Collaborate has worked with SOLACE to design a new approach to leadership development and support for people at the top of local government. Working in partnership with the RSA and supported by the Local Government Association, we have co-designed and piloted a programme, the lessons from which are captured in a report launched this week at the LGA Conference in Birmingham.

You can read the report here. It shows how the role and skill set of chief executives within local government and public services will need to evolve as challenges become more complex, and as collaboration and place-based leadership becomes increasingly critical. We are thrilled to be working with SOLACE on these issues, and with a group of chief executives who are exploring what it means to be a great public leader in a changing political and policy environment.

For more information about the programme, or to talk about Collaborate’s collaborative and place-based leadership offer, contact Henry on [email protected].

To read the full report, click here.

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