Human Learning Systems

An alternative approach to funding, commissioning and managing public service in complexity

You can read more about the development of HLS and Collaborate’s role here, and learn more about HLS using these resources:

  • Resources from HLS Week (October 2022), convened by Collaborate to explore the potential of HLS in practice

In collaboration with Newcastle Business School and partners, since 2016 Collaborate has co-developed Human Learning Systems (HLS) through a process of action research with a range of pioneering people and organisations across the UK.

HLS offers an alternative to the dominant way of managing public service (New Public Management). HLS centres relationships, collaboration and learning to respond to the complex reality of each of our lives and the world we live in. Ultimately HLS aims to help enable a fundamental shift to a more human way of working across public services and civil society.
HLS complements and underpins all of our work at Collaborate, and we are continuing to develop the practice as a core member of the HLS Collaborative.

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