Place-based partnerships and teams

Changing outcomes in places requires collaboration across all sectors.

We support organisations to form new partnerships or strengthen existing ones, develop new collaborative visions for people and places, and establish new collaborative ways of working across sectors. We help shift commissioning practice to enable more collaborative, relational and adaptive approaches. We also develop and strengthen collaboration in senior teams, building stronger relationships, empathy and trust.


place-based partnerships

Apr 14th, 2022

What does it take to change local systems?

What does it take to change local systems? Following on from two previous blogs (here and here) about our work in partnership with NPC as evaluation and…

Apr 22nd, 2021

Watford’s Road to Renewal

Through 2021 the Collaborate team is exploring how learning from the response to the pandemic can move us closer to the vision of a Collaborative Society through…

Nov 17th, 2020

Notes from the field: Oldham – Developing a collaborative Early Years strategy

Participation and ownership as keys to effective strategy One of the last pieces of face-to- face work Collaborate was involved with before the start of…

Oct 15th, 2020

Changing local systems to get #EveryoneInForGood

Not every issue holding a large and complex problem like homelessness in place can be addressed by local action. But many can. Over the last…

Jun 25th, 2020

The immediate crisis is passing: we need to build back better from the ground up

The immediate crisis is passing: we need to build back better from the ground up As the first wave of the coronavirus recedes, the work…

Jun 11th, 2019

Place-based system change: Demystifying the practice

For over two years now Collaborate has been a partner in Lankelly Chase’s action inquiry into how places can be supported to build the nine system…

Feb 13th, 2019

Notes from the field: Essex – Tackling physical inactivity

Essex is one of twelve Local Delivery Pilots supported by Sport England to test new ways of tackling physical inactivity. There’s no simple solution to increasing levels…

Feb 5th, 2019

Notes from the field: Tower Hamlets – Creating opportunities for community led change

Since 2017 Collaborate has been working closely with partners in Tower Hamlets to develop a place-based borough plan and support a new Strategic Partnership Group. The Plan,…

Oct 29th, 2018

Collaborative providers: Delivering transformation in care and support for Scotland

Today we launch a new joint report with the Coalition of Care and Support Providers (CCPS) in Scotland that explores the impact of collaboration within the Scottish…

Jul 5th, 2018

Place-based working in Scotland

Understanding the current enabling conditions, as well as barriers, to wider adoption of good place-based working in Scotland, and how to improve practice. New report…